TheleTTD: an OpenTTD patchpack

TheleTTD is an OpenTTD patchpack that I started in 2008. I created it mostly for me and my brother to use, but it has also been used by many of my friends over the years. It features a small number of unofficial patches (mods) which have been applied to improve the game.

The patchpack is infrequently updated to newer versions of OpenTTD.

Patch list

Most of the patches we play with have now been merged back into GitHub's master branch (formerly SVN trunk) or their functionality can now be replicated using NewGRF files. Because of this, the patch list continues to get smaller. Still, here's the list of patches currently featured in the patchpack:

How to get the patchpack

At the moment, I only build Windows binaries for the patchpack. If you want other platforms, you'll have to build them from source (sorry!)

Download binaries using Mercurial client

You can get a copy of the Windows binaries by cloning the Mercurial repository from

The advantage of doing this is that you'll be able to use Mercurial in order to easily pull and update the patchpack to the newest version (hg pull -u).

Download zip file from TheleCode

You can download a zip bundle from TheleCode here:

Doing this avoids you having to install Mercurial. However, if you want to update the patchpack in future, you'll have to come back here to redownload the zip file manually.

Compile from source

Source code is located here:

Check the OpenTTD documentation for build instructions.

You may also fork it and make any desired changes you wish under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.


Can I use this for multiplayer?

Yes, just make sure everyone has the same patchpack version.

What save files are compatible?

Anything that the official OpenTTD can open should work without issues. Saves from version 5.x or later of my patchpack (first released May 2011) should also be able to load just fine.

How do I report bugs?

Once my new bug tracker is live you'll be able to use that. In the meantime, any method you have to contact me works fine (check the homepage for all my social media links).

You still use Mercurial?

What can I say. I'm weird.