This privacy policy currently applies to the following published apps on the Steam, Android and iOS platforms:


The apps listed above are developed and maintained by Theleruby who is the designated maintainer for those applications.

The maintainer does not personally collect or process any data, and has not explicitly implemented any data collection into the app. There are also no advertisements of any kind displayed in the app. HOWEVER, because the app in question is built using the Unity 3D games engine, it DOES collect some user data because the Unity 3D games engine includes built-in data collection within the engine itself. This data collection cannot be disabled by the app maintainer because, at the time of writing, the Unity 3D game engine does not allow game developers to disable it. Because of this, the app is effectively forced to collect data for Unity. Further clarification as to what data is collected by/for Unity and what it is used for can be found within the Unity 3D privacy policy, which located at

If you are in objection to the fact that Unity collects data, you are strongly recommended to file a complaint with Unity regarding this issue, because the app maintainer has no way to disable Unity's data collection. Discussions on this issue can be found at locations such as

With regards to the actual app maintainer, since they do not collect or process any data, there is no data for them to share with any third party and no data to retain or delete. The user may request to see any data held on them by the maintainer at any time by e-mailing or by asking in the Ginever Entertainment Discord server. However, since the maintainer does not collect any data from this application, no data will be held with respect to this application, and therefore there will be nothing to see. (Please note that this does not apply to the aforementioned Unity 3D data collection - the policies regarding sharing, data retention, data deletion and user rights with respect to the Unity 3D data collection are covered in the previously linked Unity 3D privacy policy.)


In the event of the privacy policy being changed, the application will display a notification informing you of the changes to this policy.


This policy is in effect from 21 April 2019 onwards.


This iteration of the privacy policy exists because Unity 3D games engine includes data collection that cannot be disabled by the maintainer, and consequently both Google and Apple mandate that a privacy policy be made available which explains the data which is collected and what it is used for.